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The Benefits of Using Physical Business Cards vs. Virtual – SilkCards

The internet completely changed how many businesses functioned. The rise of smartphones and increasingly digital options, from virtual menus to telehealth doctor visits, has changed the business world even more. While many of these changes have improved businesses and allowed business owners and employees better to reach their desired audience, not all virtual options are best. For example, most of the time, virtual business cards aren’t better than physical ones. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using those physical business cards and how they can help your business even in this digital age.

No Internet Needed

Most people take the internet for granted these days. So many businesses provide Wi-Fi, and so many internet and phone providers offer Wi-Fi hot spots that we default to expecting internet service everywhere we go. Most smartphones can easily switch over to data when the internet fails, so we can stay connected no matter what.

While these connections are great, they’re not guaranteed. Sometimes the internet isn’t available. Occasionally we can’t even use data, depending on our area and the service available. If you only offer virtual business cards, lack of internet and data means you can’t share them at all. This prevents you from giving your cards to your intended audience and can hurt your business in the long run. Physical cards always work, however. No internet needed.

Guaranteed Accessibility

As we mentioned above, physical business cards always work. You don’t need the internet or anything else to access a physical card quickly. In addition to not needing the internet, you don’t even need a smart device to access physical cards. Anyone with any or no smart devices can walk up to you and leave with a physical card. This guaranteed accessibility is great at conferences where someone might forget their phone or when working with older people who may not own smart devices. Always keep a few physical business cards on you for these circumstances and others where you need a physical card.

More Affordable

Business cards cost money, whether they’re paper or virtual. Many think virtual cards are probably more affordable since they don’t require paper, ink, or shipping. However, the opposite is often the case. When you design virtual business cards, you usually purchase the URL for those cards. URLs come at various price points depending on what’s available, which can cost you much more than a single paper card order. Additionally, you may have to pay an annual fee for your URL in addition to the creation of your virtual cards. If so, those fees can quickly add up to more than the cost of physical cards. While that URL will last forever and physical cards don’t, those physical cards can save you money in the short and long term.

Obvious Quality

You want people to perceive you and your business as an expert in the field. When you provide a high-quality business card, people trust that all the other aspects of your business feature the same quality and are carefully planned. The problem with virtual business cards is that it’s difficult to discern their quality. Recipients can’t feel the weight of high-quality paper or appreciate the effect of a shiny foil in natural light. Physical cards use those elements and others to display an unmistakable quality that sets the right tone for all future business transactions with the card recipient.

Better Aesthetics

If you and your business partner pull up the same website on different phones, that website can look different. Sometimes that difference comes from an element you can change, such as the screen’s brightness, but sometimes the difference stems from the phone’s manufacturing and software.

These visual variables can affect how people view your virtual business cards. Even if you pour lots of time and money into your virtual cards to ensure they’re beautiful and high-quality, you still depend on the variable of someone’s phone for how that card gets perceived. If the recipient has low brightness and doesn’t want to change it, they may not appreciate the aesthetic details you add to your card. If they own an older smartphone that doesn’t load images well, they may not see your logo!

The aesthetics of physical cards always remain the same. Someone might have to turn on an extra light to see the fine print, or a person with a visual impairment may need someone else to read the card to them, but you never have to worry about the card itself.

Great First Impression

The apparent quality and better aesthetics of your physical cards provide a great first impression. As soon as someone touches and looks at your business card, they know you’re serious about what you do. This assures potential customers that it’s worth their money when they purchase your product or service. Potential partners or investors will trust that you’re an expert in your field and committed to doing your best in every way. Conversations and business meetings can provide similar reassurances and establish trust, but nothing else will replace your business’s first impression. Make sure it’s a great one with unique die-cut cards.

Best of Both Worlds

One of the top benefits of using physical business cards vs. virtual ones is that you can create the best of both worlds. Physical cards can contain all your necessary business information, and you can print a QR code on them. The QR code can take the cardholder to a virtual business card with additional information, or anywhere else you choose. You can add QR codes to any physical card you want if there’s room for the code and your other information. This means the tech-savvy can enjoy all the digital benefits of your card while those who prefer physical cards can still easily access all the information they need.

Many aspects of the business world are changing thanks to the popularity of the internet and smartphones. Something that shouldn’t change is the use of physical business cards. They offer many benefits over their virtual counterparts, including the ability to provide access to a virtual card with a QR code. If your business is trying to decide whether physical cards are worth the purchase, they are. Reach out to SilkCards to order beautiful cards you’ll proudly hand out at the next opportunity.

The Benefits of Using Physical Business Cards vs. Virtual