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4 Ways Custom Gift Cards Can Increase Your Revenue and Loyalty – SilkCards

Increasing revenue is always a good thing in business. Add in a loyal following from customers and you’ve got the perfect blend for a successful company. In this article, we’ll discuss the four ways custom gift cards can increase your revenue and loyalty. Custom gift cards for your business are a simple tool that’s often overlooked.

Holiday Gifts

For some people, the holiday season is the greatest time of the year. For others, the thought brings instant stress into their lives. The long list of gifts that need to be bought can feel overwhelming. That’s where custom gift cards for your business come in.

Offering gift cards makes it easy for your customers to give gifts not only through the holiday season but all season long. They enjoy your services, so they’ll naturally enjoy sharing them with others. One stack of gift cards will cover a shopper for months.

Customers Spend More

There’s a secret to gift cards—they make people spend money. If you’ve ever used a gift card, there’s a good chance you spent more than the gift card amount. Once a customer uses the gift card, there’s a good chance they’ll spend above and beyond what the gift card allows.

Promotes Visits

Maybe one of the best ways custom gift cards for your business can increase your revenue and loyalty is by the way they promote visits from customers. Not only does a customer visit online or stop in to purchase gift cards, but then they visit your store to use it. The time they spend in your store could inspire them to return in the future.

Track Your Performance

Use gift cards to track how the business is doing. Are the cards purchased being used, and how often? Keep track of how much is spent over the amount of the gift card. Are the gift card users new customers? Do they become repeat customers?

Answering all those questions is an easy way to find out if personalized gift cards for your small business are worth your time.

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase revenue and build a loyal following. Custom gift cards for your small business are a helpful way to make those things happen.

At Silk Cards we offer custom membership cards as well as gift cards and many unique business cards. Browse our convenient online store or contact us for more information. We’re here to help your business grow.