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3 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Business Cards – SilkCards

Business cards are big investments, which means many people print them once and want to use them forever. While you should try to use your business cards as much as possible, you might not use them all before it’s time to upgrade. Keep reading to learn about three signs to look for when it’s time to update your business cards.

Old Information

When you give out your business card, every piece of information on it should be accurate and easy to read. If you’ve had a change in your business, whether someone got married and changed their last name or you’ve redesigned your logo, then you need to update your business card. These changes may seem small, especially since they don’t affect your business’s contact information, so they shouldn’t warrant new business cards. If the card recipient learns that one thing on your cards is outdated or inconsistent, they may doubt your professionalism and other aspects of your business. Update your business cards whenever something changes.

Old Designs

Graphic designers continue to push the boundaries of design and create newer, cooler designs all the time. Printers are also learning how to implement these creative designs with features like die-cut designs and foil printing. Unfortunately, that means business cards without these new designs and features will look old and outdated through no fault of yours. If you’re worried that your cards are suffering this fate, then seek out a professional. Many business card printers offer custom graphic design services so you can get the help you need to create something unique.

Old Customers

Loyal customers are proof that your business is doing something right. However, if you’re only seeing familiar faces, your business cards might be doing something wrong. They should attract new customers or at least new inquiries about your business. If you’re not experiencing any interest after handing out cards, then they might not be hitting the right spot. There are various causes for this, from using a small font that people struggle to read to the potential inconvenience of your business’s location. Do some research about your competitors’ business cards and find out what they look like and how they draw customers in. Then, apply similar principles and start seeing new faces as well as the old ones!

Old information, designs, and customers are three signs it’s time to update your business cards. What worked in the past for your business may not work later on, so you need to upgrade your cards to meet the future. Our foil embossed business cards are part of that future and will give your cards the unique detail they need to stand out and look great!